This is a starting page related to XPS measurements in University of Paris Sud. It is maintained by the XPS division of the ICMMO : Institute of Molecular and Materials Chemistry in Orsay.

This Institute holds a major Instrumental Division including single crystal XRD, powder and thin films XRD, MEB, EPR and ENDOR, MS, several high field NMR, SQUID and AFM-STM instruments. A whole range of other instruments are also available in this institute.

On this site you will find :

-a short description of principles of the XPS method
-links to software and hardware related to XPS
experimental details of the spectrometer used at ICMMO
-a database which lists all samples gathered and some of the acquisition details
-a page where you can add data
-a synopsis table where you can view, search and download data


The data and all informations on this page are intended for education and can not be used for any commercial purposes
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