A Correspondence between Credal Partitions and Fuzzy Orthopartitions

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A Distributional Approach for Soft Clustering Comparison and Evaluation

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A practical strategy for valid partial prior-dependent possibilistic inference

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Addressing ambiguity in randomized reinsurance contracts using belief functions

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An Evidential  Neural Network Model for Regression Based on Random Fuzzy Numbers

Thierry Denoeux


An Intelligent System for Managing Uncertain Temporal Flood events

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Belief functions on ordered frames of discernment

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Causal transfer evidential clustering

Kuang Zhou and Ming Jiang


Cluster Decomposition of the Body of Evidence

Alexander Lepskiy


Distributed EK-NN classification

Chaoyu Gong, Zhi-Gang Su, Qian Wang and Yang You


Evidential clustering by Competitive Agglomeration

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Evidential filtering and spatio-temporal gradient for micro-movements analysis in the context of bedsores prevention

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Evidential regression by synthesizing feature selection and parameters learning

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Evidential Trustworthiness Estimation for Cooperative Perception

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Heterogeneous Image Fusion for Target Recognition based on Evidence Reasoning

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Hybrid Artificial Immune Recognition System with improved belief classification process

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Measure of Information Content of Basic Belief Assignments

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On Modelling and Solving the Shortest Path Problem with Evidential Weights

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Ordinal Classification using Single-model Evidential Extreme Learning Machine

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Real bird dataset with imprecise and uncertain values

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Updating belief functions over Belnap–Dunn logic

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Valid inferential models offer performance and probativeness assurances

Leonardo Cella and Ryan Martin