Team and collaborators

Sandrine Lévêque-Fort, CNRS Researcher
Guillaume Dupuis, Lecturer
Abigail Illand, PhD student
Lancelot Pincet, PhD student co-supervised with abbelight
Laurent Le, PhD Student
Guillaume Le Bourdelles, Engineer
Surabhi Sreenivas , PhD student co-supervised
Maximilian Lengauer, PhD student co-supervised

Former PhD students/ Engineers
Aurélie Brousse, Engineer in 2020, currently at Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers
Pierre Jouchet, PhD Student in 2020 currently in Post-Doc at Stanford University
Adrien Mau, PhD Student in 2021 currently in Post-doc at Institut de la vision, PAris
Clément Cabriel, PhD in 2019 currently in Post-doc at Institut Langevin, PAris
Marion Bardou, OPtical Engineer in 2018, currently in PhD at Montpellier University
Nicolas Bourg, PhD in 2016  currently CTO of Abbelight
Siddharth Sivankutty PhD in 2014 Engineer at Phlam
Viviane Devauges PhD in 2011 Engineer at GE Healthcare
Pierre Blandin PhD in 2008 Engineer at CEA, GRenoble
Eric LeMoal PhD in 2009 CNRS Researcher at ISMO
Ariane Deniset-Besseau PhD in 2008 currently Lecturer at Université Paris SAclay

Emmanuel Fort, Institut Langevin
Christian Poüs, Université Paris Saclay
Boris Vauzeilles, ICSN, Gif sur Yvette
Christophe Leterrier, INP Marseille
Gregory Gianonne et Olivier Rossier, IINS Bordeaux
Klaus Suhling, King’s College

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