abbelight : from the lab to the market

During Nicolas Bourg’s PhD we further developped Supercritical Angle Fluorescence Microscopy to offer an alterative strategy to 3D imaging in single molecule localization microscopy. In particular this combination called DONALD offers an absolute positionning of the emitters regarding the coverslip. This not only permits to be insensible to any axial drift but also permit to easily combine and compares 3D information from various samples. This work publish in Nature Photonics 2015 quickly triggers the interest of biologists, and have been implemented to decipher neurobiological questions, adhesion processes or antibacterial actions.
We applied for a maturation program from SATT PAris Saclay which allowed us to improved the TRL of our instrument.
abbelight has been funded in March 2016 and I’m acting as Scientific advisor since then.