June 2023 : We have PhD, post-doc and research engineer positions opening soon (more details )

March 2023  We will be at FOM with talks from Abigail, MAximilian and Laurent and a poster by Lancelot, come and see us for a chat.

We will be happy to welcome you all to SMLMS2022  in PAris

We have some M1/M2 proposition for summer 2022, don’t hesitate to contact us for a visit

For those who missed our first two workshops at MiFobio, don’t worry another session for ModLoc on tuesday, and spectral demixing on wednesday, as you see busy atmosphere !


MiFoBio 2021 organized by the GDR ImaBio is coming ! As usual we’ll be part of the home made workshop, and for the very first time ModLoc will be part ! Check out for the workshop organized by Abigail and Max on ModLoc, and with Surabhi we will animate a workshop on spectral demixing in SMLM. I will also give a lecture on 3D single molecule localization on saturday afternoon.

We’ll be at SMLMS2021 with the whole group, hope to see you there ! Some news about ModLoc with Abigail’s talk on thursday 02/09 morning, and I will give a talk on wednesday.

If you want some news about ModLoc, Abigail will give a talk during virtual FOM2021 gif_vimentin_modloc

A new application of DONALD is out in collaboration with G. Gianonne and O. Rossier in Bordeaux !

ASTER is out in Nature communication congrats to Adrien for this nice work, and great collaboration with the team of Christophe Leterrier and abbelight

12th March D-day for Adrien’s Mau PhD defense, contact us for the visio link ( on site is limited …), all you ever wanted to know about ASTER and spectral demixing ! Nice collaboration with abbelight and our first Cifre PhD student

25th january 2021 : Our Modloc technique developped by Pierre Jouchet during is PhD is out in Nature Photonics !
ModLoc combines time modulated excitation with a fast and flexible demodulation strategy compatible with PAINT,STORM. 3D imaging of fluorescent molecule with uniform axial (< 7 nm) and lateral precision, up to 30 µm so far ! For more details you can access a free reading pdf, watched a presdentation at online journal club organized by Ilaria Testa or for french speaking a webinar for RTmfm
Below a zoom on a Mitochondria at 6 µm in COS7 cell

December 2020 : I’m really pleased to be awarded by the “Prix Irène Joliot Curie 2020”

3 September : PhD defense for Pierre Jouchet on ModLoc, contact us to attend (limited access) or get the visio link.

September 2020 : We are all back to the lab, and we have an open position for one year post-doc on ModLoc (can be extended), contact me for further informations

First time at BPS 2020, hope you’ll enjoy my talk in the fluorescence subgroup on how we play with fluorescence emission to enhance reolution

After several years, we’re back at Photonics West 2020

3/12/2019 Check our preprint on ModLoc :”Nanometric axial localization of single fluorescent molecules with modulated excitation”
Pierre Jouchet et al.

We’ll be at SMLM 2019 presenting ModLoc and ASTER

DAISY paper on the combination of SAF and astigmatism for extended 3D capability in SMLM is out ! “Combining 3D single molecule localization strategies for reproducible bioimaging”, C. Cabriel, N. Bourg, P. Jouchet, G. Dupuis, C. Leterrier, A. Baron, M.A. Badet-Denisot, B. Vauzeilles, E. Fort & S. Lévêque-Fort. Nature Communications volume 10, Article number: 1980 (2019) ”

3 abstracts submitted to FOM 2019 in London, see you there

We’ll at QBI 2019 for DAISY nanoscopy presented by Clément Cabriel and first presentation for Pierre Jouchet on his PhD work using structured excitation to enhance localization (ModLoc)

We’ll be in FOM2018 in Singapore : “Highly Reproducible Multi-Color 3D Super-resolution Imaging” (MO-AF1-PAR-A) & “Supercritical Angle Fluorescence Emission: an Alternative Access to Axial Resolution in Microscopy” (WE-MO2-PAR-B).

And our new calibration strategy that take into account aberration will be in the  poster session

02/01/2018  it’s out ! :  “Aberration-accounting calibration for 3D single-molecule localization microscopy”, Optics Letters Vol. 43,Issue 2,pp.  174-177 (2018)

DONALD microscopy (Direct Optical Nanoscopy with Axially Localized Detection)   where  single molecule detection (dsTORM)  is coupled  with supercritial angle fuorescence (SAF) emission has been highlighted in the october issue of Nature Methods

The associated paper can be found in Nature Photonics September issue…. A video summary is available ( or (

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