Diagenesis meeting

Diapositive1The French Association of Sedimentologists (ASF) organizes its next thematic meeting the 4th July 2014 at the Université Paris-Sud (Orsay), entitled “Diagenesis : recent advances and future perspectives”.  This meeting is organized in honour to Maurice Pagel (Emeritus Professor at the University Paris-Sud) and organized by Benjamin Brigaud (Assitant Professor, University Paris-Sud). The objective of this meeting is to bring together specialists covering an area ranging from academic approaches to industrial applications to provide an update on our understanding of diagenetic processes in carbonate, clastic rocks and their integration in the prediction of reservoir qualities, or oil / metal accumulation. This is a very good opportunity to discuss, exchange, and debate about new perspectives and challenges in the field of diagenesis, including methods of thermal history reconstruction within sedimentary basins from mineral and organic matter, study methods of discontinuities (faults or sedimentary surfaces) or dating methods of authigenic minerals. This thematic meeting will consist of invited conferences in english, short talks in french or english and poster presentations.


April 15, 2014: Deadline for title submission (Online submission – form below to complete)
May 19, 2014: Deadline for abstract submission and registration (10 euros for students, 20 euros for professionals). Registrations must be completed online. Check payable to the ASF (send by mail to Benjamin Brigaud, Université Paris-Sud , Bldg 504, 91405 Orsay Cedex), the payment is possible on site the day of the conference. Abstracts must to be returned by email to benjamin.brigaud at u-psud.fr on the model to download: template abstract.



Templete abstract

Type your extended abstract in the template provided. Use the fonts, styles and sizes indicated in the template. The template is provided as a Microsoft Word file.

-Do not exceed 4 pages

-The structure of the abstract is as follows

  •  Title of the paper Authors and affiliations
  • Abstract: This contains no more than 200 words.
  • Keywords: Provide 3-5 keywords
  •  The extended Abstract

Subheadings are labelled 1, 2, 3, etc. Second level subheadings should be avoided to save space but if you need them they should be numbered 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 etc. Do not use more than two levels of headings.

  •  Acknowledgements References.
  •  Figures: Figures may be presented in colour though they must be functional and comprehensible when printed in greyscale. (The conference proceedings will be published in both printed (black and white only) and digital (pdf) versions. Insert figures in the appropriate place as good quality jpg files in your original word processed document. Note that if you design your figures at single column width this will minimize the amount of additional formatting you need to do.

Any reference to a figure in the text should be as follows – Figure 1 or (Fig. 1).

All figures must be the original work of the author(s) – no figures extracted from other works will be accepted even if permission has been obtained to use them.

  • Tables: Insert tables as appropriate in the text. Word processed tables can only be inserted into one column. If you need to include a full page width table then you should save it as a high quality jpg file first and insert it as though it were a figure. Centre tables in the column/page. Give each table a title. Any reference to a table in the text should be as follows (Table 1).

Note that abstracts will be published for by the Association of French Sedimentologists in a conference proceedings volume. see here ASF editions.


Location of the meeting: Université Paris-Sud, Faculty of Sciences, Campus d’Orsay, building 338 (valley area)

See map: Plan du campus (RER-bât 338)

To come from Paris or from Paris-Charles De Gaulle Airport 

RER B to Saint-Remy-les-Chevreuse, Orsay or Bures/Yvette stations (45 min from Paris or 1h30 from Paris-Charles De Gaulle Airport), then 10 minutes of walking to building 338.

From Orly Airport

OrlyVal to Anthony, then take the RER B to Saint-Remy-les-Chevreuse: Stop at Orsay Station or Bures/Yvette, then 10 minutes of walking to building 338.

Hotel around Orsay

http://www.hotel-orsay.com/  – hotel at Orsay (1km from Le Guichet station)

http://www.hotel-coupieres.com/  – hotel at Gif sur Yvette (1.5km from  Gif sur Yvette station)

http://www.hotellevillage.fr/   – hotel at Gif sur Yvette (1.2km from Gif sur Yvette station)

http://www.residhome.com/residence-hoteliere-aparthotel-buressuryvette-183.html  Résidhome (near the building 338)


Oral presentations

Presentation format: in Microsoft Powerpoint format (.ppt or .pptx).  Presentations for the first session of the morning  must be uploaded before the session starts. For afternoon sessions, make sure that your presentation is uploaded during lunchtime, at the latest. There will not be time to upload files during running sessions.

Please note that total time per presentation; ordinary presentations 15 or 20 minutes (depending on presenters number), invited speakers 45 minutes; should normally allow for questions and also includes changing and introducing speakers. It is important that the time table is strictly kept to.

Poster presentations

Poster sessions will be organised in another rooms. Poster format is A0 maximum 96 (width) x 137 (height) cm.