Physics Reimagined

  • is about physics and research
  • creates new forms of science popularization
  • reaches out to different audiences
  • develops collaborations and an interdisciplinary network
  • uses a work method based on sharing

Since its creation, Physics Reimagined has grown into

  • more than 200 projects
  • close to 400 conferences
  • 14 exhibits
  • 12 million views on Youtube
  • 1.3 million visitors on the website
  • a dozen of new teaching methods
  • a dozen of research articles

Our latest news

Newsletter Autrement #2

Our Newsletter Reimagined #2 came with 2022 ! Read all about the teams’s latest news, our ongoing projects and above all, sending our best wishes for this new year. With such a program, don’t you feel like subscribing straight away ?

Did you know ?

Every Thursday, Julien shows off on Instagram. The fastest-turning object in the world, magnets that don’t stick to your fridge, how to save time by kneeling down… Don’t wait one more second, go follow us on Instagram and enjoy some mesmerizing scientific facts !

Some designers in the team !

Chloé Materne and Lisa Dehove were chosen amongst a great number of other candidates to try out a residence in the team. They will each be working on a project, as a full immersion experience.