A scientific discovery is not just an “Eureka” moment, it is much more than that. Here is a graphic and fun system to demonstrate it!

use n ° 1: tell about the discoveries

use n ° 2: the mini-exhibition

use n ° 3: stand-alone posters

This project was designed by Sacha Berna as part of a DSAA Design d’Illustration Scientifique diploma at the Ecole Estienne, and was carried out in collaboration with Julien Bobroff (La Physique Autrement), with the participation of Julie Grollier ( CNRS, Thales) and Hervé Dole (IAS, Univ. Paris-Saclay).


It benefited from the support of the “La Physique Autrement” Chair, led by the Paris-Saclay University Foundation supported by the Air Liquide group.


DSAA DIS, Ecole Estienne