Magnétiques: Une terre magnétique

Magnetiques ? The framework.

Nine students in scientific illustration were asked to explain magnetism with the constraint of using real magnetic phenomena in their productions. Magnets, iron powder and compasses accompanied them for two months, for this work conducted in collaboration with physicists. The results are as original as they are innate: magnetic hedgehogs, boxes and kits, graphic pop-ups, diamagnetic levitation, discover new faces of magnetism.

A magnetic earth : the project of Lea and Marjorie

Why is the Earth magnetic? How does its magnetic field protect us from the Sun? Léa and Marjorie have created a box to answer these questions. There are cards, drawings, self-made experiences and even a graphic bonus.
An invitation to an aesthetic, playful and scientific journey to discover the magnetism of our planet.

Le livret en pdf


DSAA DIS, Ecole Estienne