The workshop

Nine students in science illustration were asked to explain four types of modern microscopes in new means. They ended up into four new formats : panorama, augmented reality, hands-on cubes or vintage computer. For each, you can downlad a Do-It-Yourself version that you can print and build.

The students : Joseph Bourdaud, Héloïse Krob, Hannah Turpaud, Marianne Canu, Lou Darracq, François-Guillaume Steiner, Mathilde Luxey, Cassandra Vion, Mathilde Courtes. This is the result of a collaboration between the DSAA de Design d’Illustration Scientifique of Ecole Estienne end Julien Bobroff (La Physique Autrement, LPS, Université Paris-Sud).


DSAA DIS, Ecole Estienne