Task 1. Geology andn statistic reservoir modeling

The objectives of this task will be to characterize past fluid flow at the origin of carbonate cements and locally dissolution and to provide one or more statistical geological models of the area for two type of reservoirs (1) Limestones and (2) Sanstones, mainly in France. The log data of the available wells in these basins will be integrated into the well database available at GEOPS (currently 800 wells in Petrel©). Seismic profiles from the study area will also be integrated to provide a structural framework showing major faults and thickness variations. The study of sedimentary facies in cores, microfacies from thin-section, from cuttings or core mini-plug will make it possible to establish geostatistical models with parameters, especially porosity and permeability, that will depend on the depositional environments and the chemical and mineralogical composition of the reservoir rocks. Once the statistical laws have been established, the effects of the spatial variability of reservoir properties can be studied by a Monte-Carlo approach to create models used for hydrodynamic and thermal calculations. This task should take into account the heterogeneity of sedimentary facies, their diagenesis (cemented oolitic grainstone facies, uncemented oolitic grainstone facies, emerged-island, lagoons, estuary bars, clay in the inter-granular space), past fluid flows and thermal conditions and their degree of fracturing.