Detailed program Monday 29 SMLMS 2022

Monday 29th, Tuesday 30th, Wednesday 31st

Monday 29th August

13h00  Registration

13h30-14h00 Welcome to SMLMS 2022

14h00-14h30  Invited  : “Imaging of proteins’ organization in 3D using Single Molecule Orientation and Localization Microscopy (SMOLM)” Sophie Brasselet

14h30-15h Invited : “4Pi-STORM studies of Nuclear Pore Complex architecture” Mark Bates

15h00-15h15 Selected abstract 1 : “Measuring three dimensional single molecule orientation via ratiometric 4-polarization projection microscopy” Miguel Sison

15h15-15h30 Selected abstract 2 : “High-fidelity 3D live-cell nanoscopy through data-driven enhanced super-resolution radial fluctuation”  Hannah S. Heil

15h30-15h45 Selected abstract 3 : “Time shifting interferences for improved localization precision” Abigail Illand

15h45-16h15 coffee break

16h15-16h45 Invited : “Unusual PAINT” Lorenzo Albertazzi

16h45-17h00 Selected abstract 4 : “Bioorthogonal Click Chemistry Enables Site-specific Fluorescence Labeling for Quantitative Super-Resolution Imaging”  Gerti Berliu

17h00-17h15 Selected abstract 5 :  Pushing the limits of dSTORM imaging with long-lived buffers” Karine Monier

17h15-17h30 Selected abstract 6 : “Photoconvertible and Photoswitchable Targeted Fluorescent Probes Based on Directed Photooxidation for Live SMLM Imaging” Mayeul Collot

17h30-17h45 short break – poster installation

17h45-18h45 Keynote :  “Molecular resolution fluorescence imaging”   Markus Sauer 


18h45-22h poster session/welcome reception   (18h45-19h45 odd    20h-21h  even)