THz waveguides

Optimisation of THz transmission along waveguides fluently used in microwave by qualitative assessment of modal dispersion and losses

Dispersion of CPW:

 Total losses (Radiation, dielectric, conduction):

Assessment on the total losses:

• Increase of losses versus frequency

• 60 % of conductor contribution in total losses

• Radiation losses are the most substantial in broaden waveguides

• W slot inversely acts  on conductor and radiation losses

Comparison of radiation losses of air-bridged CPW (coplanar waveguide) on InP (like environment of PCS) and BCB with analytic calculation

  •  Realization of passive devices at the Minerve CTU of IEF
 Metal evaporation, ICP etching, RIE, IBE, Metal deposits, polymers (cycloten Dow Chemical) deposits, SEM, Optical lithography and electron.


  •  Characterization of BCB by measurement of transmittance with FTIR (far IR to THz)


 BCB permittivity characterization

Work in progress :

Comparison with another waveguides on BCB like Coplanar waveguide (CPW), microstrip, Goubau line, slotline, stripline.