Resolution of BTE for phonons

  • Calculations of 3-phonon interaction rate (normal and Umklapp) with conservation of momentum and energy. 

  •  Monte Carlo (MC) dedicated to phonons in reciprocal space: study of the dynamics of phonons and charge carriers, study of  MC phonon in real space.

Life time :

  • Comparison between RTA & MC at 77K. Transmission changes calculated for a photogenerated carrier density of n = 4.1017 cm-3 by neglecting the accumulation of LO phonons (thermal phonons and taking into account the accumulation of phonons (RTA phonon EMC)):

  •  Modeling pump-probe experiment (2 eV in GaAs at 300K) Calculations without accumulation of phonons (raw relaxation), and with the RTA and via EMC s phonon (same results) LOPCM with a constant damping parameter (LOPC) and a parameter
    dynamic (LOPC (Γi)):