Physics Reimagined

  • is about physics and research
  • creates new forms of science popularization
  • reaches out to different audiences
  • develops collaborations and an interdisciplinary network
  • uses a work method based on sharing

Since its creation, Physics Reimagined has grown into

  • more than 300 projects
  • close to 400 conferences
  • 14 exhibits
  • 12 million views on Youtube
  • 1.3 million visitors on the website
  • a dozen of new teaching methods
  • a dozen of research articles

Our latest news

Teaching in the woods

We have just created a new lesson… in the forest. We take our students to the forest for two days to help them discover nature through the eyes of a physicist. Another way to approach the theme of the environment. This is described in an article which has just appeared in the American Journal of Physics.

An exhibition under construction!

First in the team, we are building an exhibition on our own, thanks to our super designer Lou-Andreas. On the theme of quantum and art, of course, but with a daring bias: the hiking trail! In addition, the exhibition is entirely designed from recycled materials, thanks to a great place that promotes reuse and the circular economy, “La reserve des arts”. See you in a few months to discover “Le GR quantique”!

A medal from CNRS for our activities

The CNRS has just awarded a medal for scientific mediation to Julien Bobroff and through him to the entire team of La Physique Autre! An article sums it all up here. We are all very flattered and happy with this great reward, which we also want to share with all our collaborators since the birth of the team almost 10 years ago. Thanks !!!!