Physics Reimagined

  • is about physics and research
  • creates new forms of science popularization
  • reaches out to different audiences
  • develops collaborations and an interdisciplinary network
  • uses a work method based on sharing

Since its creation, Physics Reimagined has grown into

  • more than 300 projects
  • close to 400 conferences
  • 14 exhibits
  • 12 million views on Youtube
  • 1.3 million visitors on the website
  • a dozen of new teaching methods
  • a dozen of research articles

Our latest news

Notre premier live

At the end of 2023, we celebrated our 10th birthday, in all possible formats. We took the opportunity to do our first Live on social networks. It was a great success with almost 30,000 spectators ! More lives to come very soon.

En cas d’amnésie

Imagine if humanity completely lost its memory. If we were to leave them a box, what should we put inside to help them get started all over again? This is the question we asked our students at the Villebon-Charpak Institute in a course combining design and popularization.

Une conférence à choix multiples

Designer Juliette Nier just finished her residence in the team. Amongst other projets she designed a multiple choice conference she named “Quantum Bifurcations” where the audience votes for the path the conference is going to follow ! It has been held at the LUMEN Paris-Saclay and in Rennes, watch it here.