Physics Reimagined

  • is about physics and research
  • creates new forms of science popularization
  • reaches out to different audiences
  • develops collaborations and an interdisciplinary network
  • uses a work method based on sharing

Since its creation, Physics Reimagined has grown into

  • more than 300 projects
  • close to 400 conferences
  • 14 exhibits
  • 12 million views on Youtube
  • 1.3 million visitors on the website
  • a dozen of new teaching methods
  • a dozen of research articles

Our latest news

Résidence Autrement 2022

Vous êtes un.e jeune créateur.trice, issu.e d’une école de design ou d’art appliqué, et d’associer vos compétences à celles d’une équipe de vulgarisation scientifique ? Nous vous proposons de rejoindre l’équipe La Physique Autrement, le temps d’une résidence d’automne pour concevoir avec nous un projet de vulgarisation. Candidature à soumettre avant le 15 juin !

One step ahead, always

… or one step behind ? Whatever the answer, Julien Bobroff is taking over Tiktok ! After doing a lot of thinking, he has decided on this formidable and promising social network to seek for a new audience, for himself and the Physics Reimagined team. Go have a look !

Newsletter Autrement #4

Our Newsletter Reimagined #4 is out ! Read all about the teams’s latest news, our ongoing projects and above all, sending our best wishes for this new year. With such a program, don’t you feel like subscribing straight away ?