Reimagine physics teaching

physics and society

Climate crisis, developing countries, students issues… Discussing physics in the world we live in

  • State-of-the-art

    Explore all our pedagogical innovations in a nice classified set of sheets.

  • Explore physics and society

    Here is a way to set up a discussion among teachers about big societal questions.

    Explore physics and society
  • Keynotes

    Discover the great innovations of our speakers through their presentations.

  • Recipe for fiction

    Here is a fun and engaging activity for any audience, where korean spies meet falling eggs…

    Recipe for fiction
  • Recipe for teaching in the forest

    Discover a new way to teach physics by bringing all your students… in a forest !

    Recipe for teaching in the forest
  • Recipe for theater

    use theater and even simple mimic to discuss teaching problems and solve them.

    Recipe for theater