This project was inspired by the urban legend the barometer question. It is part of a more general approach led by the team «Physics Reimagined» which aims to rethink the way we teach experimental physics.


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This project was imagined by Frédéric Bouquet (Paris-Saclay University) and Giovanni Organtini (Sapienza Università di Roma, Italy).

Physics: Frédéric Bouquet, Giovanni Organtini, Julien Bobroff

Videos, photos, gifs: Amel Kolli

Graphic design and illustrations: Anna Khazina


This project is a production of «Physics Reimagined» from Paris-Saclay University and CNRS. It benefited from the support of the IDEX Paris-Saclay and of the «Physique Autrement» Chair, held by the Paris-Sud Foundation and supported by the Air Liquide Group.


Many people have contributed directly or indirectly to this project, and should be thanked: Ulysse Delabre, for his advice, Joel Chevrier, a pioneer in this type of measures, Cyril Dauphin, Raphael Weil, Eloi Haltz, Fabienne Bernard , Claire Marrache, the students of the L2 Physique of the University Paris Sud who chose to follow the UE Physique & Smartphone.