Master Program

Four students will start their Master’s internship from February 1, 2020:

Adrien Beguinet “Solving applied partial differential equations in a geometry generated by Poisson-Voronoi diagrams”, internship at CentralSuppelec, Paris-Saclay University

Codjo Thomas Essou “Numerical simulation in the carbonate geothermal reservoir of the Middle Jurassic of the Paris Basin”, internship at GEOPS, Paris-Saclay University [subject: PDF].

Philemon Juvany “Geothermal energy in silicoclastic reservoirs: from the field to modelling” internship at GEOPS, University of Paris-Saclay [le sujet PDF].

Baptiste Hersant “Study of a field analogue of an estuarine sedimentary system for modelling geothermal reservoirs”, April-July 2020, internship at Bordeaux INP.

This topic aims to study outcropping paleo-estuaries in order to refine the interpretations of subsurface sandstone bodies for geothermal exploration and exploitation. The internship will consist in studying an estuarine system of the Sub-Alpine Basin or the South Pyrenean Basin (to be determined): dressing of panoramas, logging, collection of rock samples and potentially 3D photogrammetry by drone. In the laboratory, it will be necessary to study the thin section from the collected samples and to use the field data. If the 3D photogrammetric model exists, it will also have to be interpreted in terms of geology. A data set from a fieldwork to a Cretaceous estuary in the United States will also have to be used. This subject is part of the UPGEO project funded by the French National Research Agency. This project aims at refining reservoir models for a better exploitation of the geothermal reservoirs of the Paris Basin (Early Cretaceous sandstones).