Reimagine physics teaching

Explore physics and society

What if you wanted to talk about inclusitivity, global warming, emergent countries etc ?  What we suggest you do first is ask people to choose one of these topics. Then get into pairs, and explain a possible issue or solution about the topic to one another. Then get the pairs into groups of 4, and then in 8, and doing the same thing. The final step is to ask someone to sum up what was said, for each topic group.

If you now want to explore innovative scenarios, here is how. Ask each topic group to pick a budget constraint (5000 €, 50 000 €, 200 000 €,  unlimited budget), a number of people (8, 30, 100, 1000) and a date (starting next week, next month, in 6 months time or next year). Then leave them 1 hour to imagine something that goes with their topic and constraints. To end with, have them shoot a short video of them in three years time, explaining how their project went. We guarantee you’ll have fun watching the videos !

Fabienne Bernard and Jeanne Parmentier made it