Reimagine physics teaching

Teach me anything

One of the best ideas that spontaneously came out of this workshop (it wasn’t planned). Basically, anyone who would have something to teach to the others can do so, the only thing is that it must be short (5 to 30 min) and put to practice. Anything from clever tricks to the most sophisticated methods, as long as it is not just theory. Accordingly, banning powerpoints is pretty efficient.

Then you just go from one crash course to the next, if possible you change rooms, you go outside… It’s even better if people don’t know what is expecting them ! Here is what we learnt in our own 2 hour session :

– How to use challenges to organise courses

– How to hand out exam papers more efficiently

– The point of using fast prototyping in class

– The point of using mimic games in class

– How dancing helps to relax and brings people together

Denis Terwagne organized it