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Articles/Abstrats étendus à des congrès à comité de lecture, référencés dans Web of Science et/ou Scopus

(4) Saintenoy, A., Senechal, G., Rousset, D., Brigaud, B., Pessel, M., Zeyen, H. 2017. Detecting faults and stratigraphy in limestone with Ground-Penetrating Radar: A case study in Rustrel. 2017 9th International Workshop on Advanced Ground Penetrating Radar, IWAGPR 2017, Edinburg, 2017, pp. 1-5

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(2) Gigoux, M., Négrel, P., Guerrot, C., Brigaud, B., Delpech, G., Pagel, M., Augé, T., 2015. δ44Ca of Stratabound Fluorite Deposits in Burgundy (France) : Tracing Fluid Origin and/or Fractionation Processes. Procedia Earth and Planetary Science. 13, 129-133

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