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This object was conceived and designed by Alice Moreau during her chasing diploma at the Ecole Boulle. She found inspiration in quantum phenomena to design this chiseled object made of metal and paper, illuminated from inside. The result can be contemplated, or used as a metaphore in science communication about quantum physics, and the quantum behavior of electrons in metals. The drawings on the metal pay tribute to the Friedel oscillations which consist in oscillating changes in the density of electrons in metals that develop around defects.


Some of the project pictures

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This work was conducter in the chasing workshop of Ecole Boulle in collaboration with J. Bobroff from “Physics Reimagined” team (University Paris-Sud and CNRS). We want to thanks to Mr. Estrade, the chasing workshop teacher, Arthur Seguin Lucien Morineau, Peter Klein, Frederic Bouquet, and all the students of the workshop.


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