Our work

Our projects revolve around three areas

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Our science POPULARIZATION projects are the main part of our activities.

Since the team was created

  • more than 200 projects
  • close to 400 conferences
  • 14 exhibits
  • 12 million views on Youtube
  • 1.3 million visitors on the website
  • a dozen of new teaching methods
  • a dozen of research articles

came to light.


Our team also works in the education field.

We develop

  • tools

that are used by Julien and Frédéric in their courses at Paris-Saclay University and the Villebon – Georges Charpak Institute.


Physics Reimagined is a research team that does research on its research projects. Are you still with us ? Most precisely, our science popularization and education projects are studied in human and social sciences. These lead to

  • articles


Teaching Physics In The Woods

F. Bouquet, J. Bobroff, L.-A. Etienne, C. Vardon, American Journal of Physics 91, 685–689 (2023), https://doi.org/10.1119/5.0143470, https://arxiv.org/abs/2306.02654

Using Fiction in Physics’ Laboratories to Engage Undergrad Students

F. Bouquet, J. Bobroff, U. Delabre, P. Barberet, V. Berry, G. Allaire-Duquette & M. Moyon, chapitre p. 171 du livre « Fostering Scientific Citizenship in an Uncertain World: Selected Papers from the ESERA 2021 Conference », Spinger, 2023.

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