Outreach teaching

This course offers an introduction to communication and popularization of science to undergraduate physics students. Each year, some twenty students have been able to develop their own outreach projects around an aspect of fundamental physics for five days. These projects are accompanied by various exercises and courses on science communication. All the projects are presented at the end of the workshop by the students themselves during a public session at the University in front of a large audience.

An article about this course and its evaluation.

"A project-based course about outreach in a physics curiculum"

J. Bobroff, F. Bouquet, Eur. J. Phys. Vol 37 045704 (2016)

The teaching explained in a video

Outreach Class Comics

Heloïse Chochois was embedded in the outreach class, and made a comics from her experience…


Licence de Physique Fondamentale, Université Paris-Sud