MO, the Obedient Machine

Meet MO, physics teachers and popularizers’ dream come true. MO isn’t just a very obedient machine, it is able to show the invisible. MO has the extraordinary ability to make graphs tangible.


With MO, no more cringing to graphs, make way for surprise and fascination ! A perfect match between design, electronics and coding, to bring to life the 3 sensors and 5 modes that make MO, the Obedient Machine.

Interacting with MO

MO explained by Julien Bobroff

Pictures of MO

MO from every angle

Creating MO

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This project was created by Kugen Ramasawmy, as a collaboration with the “Physics Reimagined” team (Université Paris-Saclay, CNRS).


Design and manufacture : Kugen Ramasawmy

Coding : Kugen Ramasawmy and Frédéric Bouquet

Project follow-up : Frédéric Bouquet, Julien Bobroff and Lou-Andreas Etienne

Images : Kugen Ramasawmy and Lou-Andreas Etienne

Video editing : Lou-Andreas Etienne and Kugen Ramasawmy


It benefited from the support of the Chair “La Physique Autrement” of the Paris-Saclay foundation and supported by the Air Liquide group and the Crédit Agricole – CIB.


It was made using the facilities and premises of the Centre d’Expérimentation Pédagogique of the Villebon – Georges Charpak Institute.


Étudiant à l’ENSCI-Les Ateliers