Physics Selfies

Do you want to take amazing selfies while running, spinning, jumping or screaming? Imagine that physics allows it! Discover 6 new ways to trigger the photo, with something other than your finger.

Discover in this video how it looks like !

An ideal activity for taking original photos, alone, with others, and even in class if you are a teacher, because yes, there is a bit of physics hidden behind all that. Just download the free FizziQ app, and go!

The 6 instruction manuals in english:

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Les modes d'emploi à télécharger

and for fun, gif selfies:

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This project was developed by “Physics Reimagined” (Paris-Saclay University, CNRS) in collaboration with the creators of the FizziQ app ( and the “La main à la pâte” foundation. It has benefited from the support of the “Physics Otherwise” Chair sponsored by the Paris-Saclay Foundation and supported by the Air Liquide group and Credit Agricole.


Illustration and graphics: Camille Debard

Thanks to Aline, Pauline, Christophe, Kugen, Zoé and Lou-Andreas for their ideas! Thanks to Simon, Clara, Marie, Frédéric, Julien and Lou-Andreas for the video.


illustratrice et graphiste