Never knew how to read a graph ? Never understood the axes thing ? Then the “XYZ” project is just the one for you ! Either torture devices or rides for smartphones, these ceramic objects link the movement detected by the smartphone’s sensors to the graph that comes up on the screen. Spin the wheel, stretch the rubber band or keep your ears open, it will all seem much clearer !

See for yourselves

How it works

The big wheel

The catapult

The string phone

Pictures of XYZ

Behind the scenes

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This project was created by Stéven Coëffic, as a collaboration with the “Physics Reimagined” team (Université Paris-Saclay, CNRS).


Drawing and making of the pieces : Stéven Coëffic

Concept : Stéven Coëffic, Julien Bobroff and Lou-Andreas Etienne

Images : Stéven Coëffic, Julien Bobroff and Lou-Andreas Etienne

Video editing : Lou-Andreas Etienne


It benefited from the support of the Chair “La Physique Autrement” of the Paris-Saclay foundation and supported by the Air Liquide group and the Crédit Agricole – CIB.


Artiste et designer