Teaching physics with arduino

A new approach to experimental physique

Drawing inspiration from the practices of design schools or art schools, this course proposes physicist students to make their own Students’ Lab. After an initiation in the form of challenges and games, they have to design and build their experimental setup, then analyze the results, in five days. It is an initiation close to the research process, which renews the vision that students have of experimental physics: more creative but also riskier and with unexpected outcomes!

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Articles in relation to this teaching

We have published various articles related to this teaching; articles that present the teaching itself, and articles that detail some of the students’ projects.

Presentation of the teaching

"Project-based physics labs using low-cost open-source hardware"

F. Bouquet, J. Bobroff, M. Fuchs-Gallezot, L. Maurines, Am. J. Phys Vol.85 216 (2017)

Description of students' projects

"A study on kinetic friction : the Timoshenko oscillator"

R. Henaff, G. Le Doudic, B. Pilette, C. Even, J.M.Fischbach, F. Bert, J. Bobroff, F. Bouquet, M. Monteverde, Am. J. Phys. Vol. 86 174 (2018)

Website for students following this teaching

This site allows students following this teaching to know its modalities and objectives.

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Collectif d'enseignants : Claire Marrache, Fabrice Bert, Miguel Monteverde, Catherine Even, Charis Quay, Meydi Ferrier, Anniina Salonen, Carine Douarche