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Discover these sheets to learn Arduino

Arduino is an essential tool for electronic projects in FabLab, but it can also be used for physics experiments. Discover these sheets to learn how to use Arduino and build original projects: incredible machines, physics measurements, games, scientific contraptions, your imagination will be your limit.

– Six “challenge” sheets to discover the essentials of Arduino boards.
– “Knowledge” sheets to expand on the basic concepts.
– “Tool” sheets to help you get to know the equipment.


These sheets are available in French and English.


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The sheets were developed by the team Physics Reimagined (University Paris-Sud / Paris-Saclay and CNRS ) with the support of IDEX Paris-Saclay under the APP “Osez”.

Illustrations: Marine Joumard.

Content: Frédéric Bouquet and Julien Bobroff (Paris-Saclay University).

Many thanks to the people helped this project: Claire Marrache, Fabienne Bernard, Fabrice Bert, Miguel Monteverde, Catherine Even, Charis Quay, Anniina Salonen, Carine Douarche, Francesca Chiodi, Meydi Ferrier, Cyril Dauphin, Giovanni Organtini (La Sapienza Rome Univ.), Patrick Puzo and the students of L3 Fundamental Physics of the Univ. Paris-Sud/ Paris-Saclay.


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