The Equations project

Students in scientific illustration have attempted, in collaboration with physicists, to stage physics equations, and not just any of them: the Schrödinger equation for quantum physics, that of Navier-Stokes for fluid mechanics , the equation of general relativity, and the propagation equation of electromagnetic waves. Each group of students used an original graphic form: the pop-up book, the poetic animation, the comic strip, and the animated gif. Discover and use these productions to understand and stage these fundamental equations.

This work is the result of a collaboration between the DSAA of Scientific Illustration Design of the Estienne school, Julien Bobroff (Univ Paris-Sud) and Roland Lehoucq (CEA-Saclay). Copyright: this entire project is made available under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license.


DSAA DIS, Ecole Estienne