Illustrators take on the Periodic Table of the Elements

The periodic table is an unmissable poster in chemistry classrooms all over the world. In 2019, we celebrate the 150th birthday of this incredible invention. Julien Bobroff, from the Physics Reimagined team, used this opportunity to work on it with students from the scientific illustration section of the Estienne school in Paris. They had less than two months to create a project inspired by the table. The only obligation was to keep it digital and electronic-free.


Here are their seven projects, seven unusual formats showing seven different visions of the periodic table.

The exhibit at the "Cité des Sciences" (Paris)

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Ce projet est issu d’une collaboration entre le DSAA de Design d’Illustration Scientifique de l’école Estienne
et Julien Bobroff (La Physique Autrement, LPS, Université Paris-Saclay). Il a bénéficié du soutien de la Chaire « La Physique Autrement » portée par la Fondation Paris-Sud et soutenue par le groupe Air Liquide.


Les étudiants: Sacha Berna,  Hortense Brassart, Lucie Delauney, Lucy Doherty, Antoine Guitton, Clara Hinoveanu, Zoé Lemaire, Nicolas Lepreux, Marie Marty.


La Physique : Julien Bobroff


Médiation et scénographie :  Lou-Andreas Etienne (Ecole Boulle)


Cartels et adaptation en posters : Lou-Andreas Etienne et Clara Hinoveanu.



DSAA DIS Ecole Estienne