Magnétiques: 7 preceptes du magnétisme

Nine students in scientific illustration were asked to explain magnetism with the constraint of using real magnetic phenomena in their productions. Magnets, iron powder and compasses accompanied them for two months, for this work conducted in collaboration with physicists. The results are as original as they are innate: magnetic hedgehogs, boxes and kits, graphic pop-ups, diamagnetic levitation, discover new faces of magnetism.

7 preceptes du magnétisme : the project of Line, Diane and Arnaud

Magnets, magnetic fields, spins, polarities, so many scientific notions that can sometimes scare away. Discover them in a new light through this funny and poetic film directed by Diane, Line and Arnaud.

Iron scrap, fluorescent paint and magnets are the main actors of this short film where you will learn seven of the precepts that govern the physics of magnetism.