Solid State Physicists

Chloe, a science illustrator, spent a few weeks in our lab talking to physicists. She interviewed them and then illustrated their quotes about their daily lives, their motivations, their life as researchers. Here are these drawings, made with felt. She also illustrated, this time in black and white by computer, their scientific subject. Discover Mark-Oliver, a theorist who works on graphene, Lorène, PhD student specializing in soap bubbles, and Fabrice, expert teacher-researcher of quantum magnetism. And do not hesitate to use these productions, available in many formats (images, postcards, booklets …).

Mark-Oliver, theorist

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Lorene, PHD student

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Fabrice, researcher-teacher

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This work has been done during the diploma of Chloé Passavant of DSAA de Design d’Illustration Scientifique of école Estienne in collaboration with our team. It has been led at the Solid State Physics Laboratory with Fabrice Bert, Lorène Champougny and Mark-Oliver Goerbig.
We acknowledge them for their participation. Translation : Pierre Szczeciner – We thank ICAM-I2CAM for their financial support and Janet Rafner for useful comments (copyright 2014). Copyright : this project is made available under the Creative Commons License BY-NC-ND


DSAA DIS, Ecole Estienne