Listen to the invisible

Design students have developed a variety of interfaces that employ spatialized sound to facilitate gaining a better understanding of some of the invisible phenomena of physics. The eight speaker setup and interfaces allowed people to explore and listen to representations of the invisible phenomena; spatialized sound means that one can hear different sound’s location and movement, coming from and shifting to different perceived positions. This work was undertaken in the sound studio of ENSCI-Les Ateliers with Roland Cahen in collaboration with J. Bobroff (LPS, Orsay).

Participating students : Annelise Légaré (Sur l’onde); Paul Couderc (Quantum Symphonia); Matéo Garcia (Entendre la forme d’onde); Antoine Goupille (les bruits du courant); Jean-Baptiste Demay (WANTED). Project led in 2014 by Roland Cahen (ENSCI-Les Ateliers) in collaboration with J. Bobroff (LPS, Orsay).


ENSCI-Les Ateliers