SupraDesign ? The framework.

Once cooled, some metals become superconducting and can make magnets levitate. Designers have imagined with the help of physicists how to stage this levitation, now and in the future. Some devices were built for live experiments. Others were imagined assuing superconductivity no longer required the cold. Here are ten design projects, ten new visions of superconductivity presented in 2011 in particular for the year of superconductivity.

This project was developed in collaboration between the students of the workshop “Design and Research” of François Azamboug at the school of design ENSCI-Les Ateliers, and the physicist Julien Bobroff (Physics Autrement, LPS, University Paris -South). He was supported by the Mairie de Paris, Nexans and Universcience.


ENSCI-Les Ateliers