The superconducting Eiffel Tower

On the occasion of the year of superconductivity, in 2011, we had the opportunity to present an object in front of the Eiffel Tower. We then decided, with the designer A. Echasseriau, to make a small superconducting Eiffel Tower in the axis in the real one. Each floor of the Tower levitates with magnets placed above superconducting lozenges cooled with liquid nitrogen. This Eiffel Tower could then be “visited” by more than 20 000 tourists and bystanders. And since then she continues to be shown on different occasions.

The superconducting Eiffel Tower in a 20 seconds video

A diaporama

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The superconducting Eiffel Tower by Universcience

The Eiffel Tower on the Trocadero parvis.

The Eiffel Tower by night

Created by the designer Alexandre Echasseiau,  in collaboration with J. Bobroff and F. Bouquet, during the year of superconductivity, supported by INP of CNRS and University Paris Sud. Each floor levitates with magnets floating above cuprate superconductors cooled with liquid nitrogen.