Catch the invisible

Catch the invisible ? The framework.

What does « see » mean to at the atomic scale? How do we capture and manipulate phenomena at the Nano scale ? Design students have been asked to work on this question together with physicists and designers. Some have created outreach tools at the frontier between design and popularization of science. Others have conducted a project inspired by science and its methods to create new design objects. Find out about their visions of the infinitesimal and invisible, somewhere between design, science and extension.

This project was developed in collaboration between the students of the workshop “Design and Research” of François Azamboug at the school of design ENSCI-Les Ateliers, with the physicist Julien Bobroff (Physics Autrement, LPS, University Paris -South). It was supported and developed as part of the Descitech ANR research program.


ENSCI-Les Ateliers