This project was designed by the “Physics Reimagined” team (LPS, Univ. Paris-Saclay and CNRS) in collaboration with the Institut Villebon-Georges Charpak and its Center for Educational Experimentation.

The scenarios were developed and tested by Julien Bobroff and Frédéric Bouquet from Univ. Paris-Saclay, in coll. with Ulysse Delabre and Philippe Barberet from the Univ. from Bordeaux and Lou-Andreas Etienne (LPA).

The project has benefited from the support of the Villebon-Georges Charpak Institute, the “La Physique Autrement” Chair of the Paris-Saclay Foundation supported by the Air Liquide group and the Crédit Agricole – CIB, and the “Innovation pédagogique” support of the Paris-Saclay IDEX.

This project is also based on research work within the framework of the Research-Action Chair in the service of educational innovation carried out by the University of Paris-Saclay in collaboration with UQAM (Canada).

The website was designed by Adèle Nyitrai and Dafox.

Thank you to all the students who tested these fictions with us at the Faculty of Sciences of the Univ. Paris-Saclay, at the Villebon-Georges Charpak Institute and at the University of Bordeaux. Thanks to Fabrice Jouvenot for the valuable discussions and his participation in the videos. And thank you to the whole CEP team for their help.

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