Our team

How ?

Physics Reimagined brings the world of design into its projects with

  • workshops in schools


We’ve been bringing science and design together for more than ten years, a working match !

To us, reimagining physics means

  • creating projects

To us, reimagining teaching means

  • creating new teaching methods

Each new project is an opportunity to

  • work with new people

We work in between two locations, the very serious

  • Solid State Physics Laboratory in Orsay

because we

  • are a research team

To improve the circulation of our projects,

all are

  • free
No kidding kiddo, it’s free 4 all !

Over time, the accumulated experiences and collaborations, we’ve developed a work methodology centered on sharing and exchange.

Everyone joins in and makes their input

  • Workshops
  • brainstormings
  • “discovery coffee breaks”

Physics Reimagined will soon be 10 years old ! Swipe the drawing below to go back in time with us.

Who ?

Our team consists of three members

Julien Bobroff is a physicist, researcher and teacher. Physics Reimagined was his idea, he created the team ! He is in charge of all our projects and is also well known for his conferences.

Frédéric Bouquet is a physicist, researcher and teacher too. He has been working with the team since its creation. He is mostly in charge of the education projects.

Lou-Andreas Etienne is the designer of the team. Specialised in mediation and organising events, she helps guide the projects.

… and a whole network of collaborators from the worlds of science, design and science popularization.

Currently working with us !

Responsable du service COMPAS (comm’, médiation et patrimoine) de la Faculté des Sciences de l’Univ. Paris-Saclay

Currently working with us !

Illustratrice et graphiste, étudiante en didactique visuelle à la HEAR

Currently working with us !

stagiaire designer (DSAA Transmedia Ecole ENSAAMA)

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Julien Bobroff holds the “Physics Reimagined” chair within the Paris-Saclay Foundation, which is supported by Air Liquide and Crédit Agricole CIB. The team is also supported by the Paris-Saclay University, the CNRS, IDEX Paris-Saclay and LabEx PALM.