Reimagine physics teaching


Great physics experiments with almost no equipment

  • Recipe for hands-on

    If you want your audience to build from scratch real hands-on experiments, just follow the recipe !

  • Tower challenge

    This ice-breaker challenge engages participants to built together a weird tower with a smartphone on the top !

  • Egg challenge

    This is a new version of the famous egg challenge : protect an egg during a 5 meter fall, but it must also be… noisy !

  • Recipe for fiction

    Here is a fun and engaging activity for any audience, where korean spies meet falling eggs…

  • Recipe for fast prototyping

    Here is how to create models to explore new ideas in… 10 minutes !

  • Move a concrete pillar

    You don’t need much to detect the movement of a wall when you push it with your hands ! Here is a demo.

  • Giant bubble

    Have fun with soap and create your own giant bubble with just two wires… and soap.

  • Bounce

    Here is a fun way to measure the mechanical properties of solids with just a tennis ball.

  • Bubble bench

    Ever dreamt of creating your own optical experiments with just paper board ? This is the time.

  • Chair pendulum

    Check if Galileo was right with a smartphone and a chair. And discover the great physics of pendulums.

  • Tiny lenses

    Use low-cost material to built your own tiny lenses and have fun with them.

  • Entropy pendulum

    Tennis balls and a little bit of string are enough to create one of the nicest pendulum ever.