An animation movie to better understand how a physicists thinks, how many cats there are in Paris, and why you must like broccoli…

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Bibliography links :

publication de Carbone 4 : faire sa part
Sustainable energy de D. MacKay
– Les conférences et livres de J.M Jancovici et de P. Bihouix

“Order-of-Magnitude Physics” de Sanjoy Mahajan

– “Physics for Future Presidents” by R. Muller

– “What if” by R. Monroe

This project was created by Marine Monseux in the “Physics Reimagined” team (LPS, Université Paris-Saclay, CNRS).


Text and voice: Julien Bobroff

Screenplay: Julien Bobroff, Lou-Andreas Etienne, Marine Monseux


It benefited from the support of the Chair “La Physique Autrement” carried by the Paris-Saclay foundation and supported by the Air Liquide group.

Thank you to the Center d’Expérimentation Pédagogique of the Villebon-Georges Charpak Institute for its welcome.

Thank you to Julien and Lou-Andreas for their support and trust. Thank you to the whole team for their permanent good humor and kindness: Julien, Lou-Andreas, Frédéric, Adèle, Camille, Charlène, Joséphine and Valentine.


DNMADE Design graphique, Ecole Duperré