Design Explains Science

Design Explains Science: the framework

How can design explain science? Let’s try an experiment: gather twelve students from a design school, supervised by designers. Add a physicist and a long list scientific topics. Each student can choose any topic and treat it as he wants. The only constraint he/she has is to help the general public understand the science at play. “Design Explains Science” proposes twelve ways designers have imagined to popularize science. It’s up to you to discover them all !

This project was developed in collaboration between the students of the workshop “Design and Research” of François Azamboug at the school of design ENSCI-Les Ateliers, and the physicist Julien Bobroff (Physics Autrement, LPS, University Paris -South). It was supported and developed as part of the Descitech ANR research program.


ENSCI-Les Ateliers