Physics' star numbers

You’ll find no better decoration for a physics classroom than these 5 posters about physics’ star numbers, aesthetically as pedagogically wise ! Download, print and stick up the posters right away, so that your fellow students or any audience discover physics whilst daydreaming !

The 5 posters

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Download your posters here

The 5 posters have been made to be printed in A2 format. In your nearest printing office, you can get your 5 A2 posters for a very reasonable price !

Behind the scenes

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See the posters in BIG !

The project can be used under licence Creative Commons BY-NC-ND.


This project was created by Margaux Pailha, during an internship in the “Physics Reimagined” team (Université Paris-Saclay, CNRS).


Illustration : Margaux Pailha

Composition : Julien Bobroff, Lou-Andreas Etienne et Margaux Pailha


It benefited from the support of the Chair “La Physique Autrement” of the Paris-Saclay foundation and supported by the Air Liquide group and the Crédit Agricole – CIB.

Thank you to the Centre d’Expérimentation Pédagogique of the Villebon – Georges Charpak Institute for its welcome.


DSAA Design d'Illustration Scientifique à l'école Estienne