microscopies: cubes quantiques

Microscopies ? The framework

Nine students in science illustration were asked to explain four types of modern microscopes in new means. They ended up into four new formats : panorama, augmented reality, hands-on cubes or vintage computer. For each, you can downlad a Do-It-Yourself version that you can print and build.

Quantum cubes : the project of Lou, Mathilde et Marianne

Lou, Mathilde and Marianne have created six cubes that, assembled in different ways, tell the story of tunneling microscopy: its discovery, what it consists of, what it can measure or even manufacture …
It is a new system of science communication that makes it possible to invent a new form of scientific narrative.

You can watch the video that shows how it works, but also download and print the cubes and use them yourself.

A physicist uses the cubes to tell about tunneling microscopes

Files to download