Mon grand mécano quantique

Here is a little book that offers a quirky look at quantum physics. In a dozen experiments, among the most staggering of modern physics, you will discover funny labs, crazy inventions and physicists as brilliant as handymen…

One of the chapters in video, but in french, sorry.

Quelques unes des 60 illustrations du livre

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The eleven chapters in identity cards

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“My great quantum mechanic” is published by Flammarion.

It was written by Julien Bobroff, physicist and Professor at the University Paris-Sud. After having long explored the subtleties of magnetism and superconductivity, he led an unprecedented research team, “Physics differently,” dedicated to popularization of science.

The illustrations are made by Marine Joumard, illustrator and graphic designer, specialized in scientific and didactic illustration. She has already collaborated with Julien Bobroff and the team La Physique Autrement on several occasions.

The video was directed by Charlotte Arene, writing and narration by Julien Bobroff.


physicien, professeur à l'Université Paris-Sud
Illustratrice et graphiste print, spécialisée en illustration scientifique et didactique.
cinéaste d'animation