Workshop in Moscow

On November 1, 2, and 3, 2019, the “DIY Physics Lab” workshop was held at the FabLab in Moscow. For three days, Russian physics teachers discovered and tested for themselves the use of smartphones or Arduino boards to do physics, so that they can reuse these skills in their teachings.


The makers of the FabLab Moscow participated and provided valuable assistance in the realization of the final projects that the participants had to design and carry out: real-time analysis of the efficiency of a filter by colorimetry, demonstration of an acoustic resonance, design of a pendulum-smartphone students’ lab, study of the acoustic attenuation of materials, motorized pendulum… These three days were rich in activities as can be attested by the site of the event:

Part of the pedagogical supports that the “Physics ReImagined” team developed were translated into Russian for this workshop. These documents can be found here, and are free to use under the CC-BY-NC-ND license.

This project is a production of “Physics Reimagined” from Paris-Saclay University and CNRS, and by Anna Khazina. It benefited from the support of the IDEX Paris-Saclay, of the “Physique Autrement” Chair, held by the Paris-Sud Foundation and supported by the Air Liquide Group. This event was co-organised together with FabLab MISiS in Moscow.


Many thanks to all the participants of this workshop, to all the people of the FabLab MISiS for helping during the event.

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