Quantum Drawing exhibit

This exhibit (in french, sorry) displays various projects made in collaboration with the students of the DSA de design d’illustration scientifique of Ecole Estienne. It displays drawings of Solid State Physicists from the Laboratoire de Physique des Solides, posters and pop-ups about great quantum discoveries, postcards about basic quantum effects, and even a cartoon about the Schrödinger Equation !

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Credits: this exhibition is the result of a collaboration between the “Physique Autrement” group of the Solid State Physics Laboratory (Paris-Sud University) and the DSAA Design of Scientific Illustration of the Estienne School / Students of the Estienne school: Blandine Berthe, Guillaume Biasse, Heloise Chochois, Victoria Denys, Robin Jacqueline, Elise Laubier, Chloé Passavant, Marina Savani, Audrey Lagadec, Margaux Khalil, Elsa Depont Physicists: Julien Bobroff, Frederic Bouquet, Janet Rafner (Physics Elsewhere , LPS, University Paris Sud and CNRS) / The exhibition: Chloé Passavant, Héloise Chochois and the team of La Physique Autrement / Support: The design of this exhibition benefited from the support of the Chair “Physics Otherwise” by the Paris-Sud Foundation and supported by the Air Liquide Group. It has also benefited from the support of the French Physics Society Paris South section, the ICAM-I2CAM institute and the PALM labex / Photo Credits: C. Passavant, J. Bobroff, B. Rajau / Thanks: a big thank you to Matthieu Lambert, Antoine Barnaud and all the DSAA DIS teaching team at Ecole Estienne, Roland Lehoucq (CEA-Saclay), Janet Rafner (UVA), Charlotte Arene (ENSAD), LPS researchers Fabrice Bert, Mark-Oliver Gorbig , Lorène Champougny, in the communication department of the Faculty of Sciences, at the printing department of Paris-Sud University, at the Diagonale Paris-Saclay and to all the colleagues and students involved with us in these science dissemination activities .

Copyright: this project is made available under the Creative Commons License BY-NC-ND. Please warn us if you use it