Super-resolution – SAF

We develop new instruments to overcome the diffraction limit by engineering fluorophores transitions or emission. As supercritical fluorescence emission provides absolute way to retrieve the axial position of the fluorophore regarding the coverslip that support the cell, it can be elegantely coupled with super-resolution approaches :
- The super-localization microscope (SMLM Single Molecule Localization Microscopy) decouples the detection of the fluorophores located in the same response function, by inducing fluorescence stochastically in order to individually localize single molecule. The association with SAF detection is currently performed as part of Nicolas Bourg thesis. The microscope DONALD (Direct Optical Nanoscopy with Axially Localized Detection) achieves an isotropic localization precision below 20 nm
- The STimulated Emission Depletion(STED) can achieve a lateral resolution of 40 nm by a selective depletion of fluorophores located at the periphery of the focusing zone, inducing a volume of study inherently reduced. The device was developed during the PhD Siddharth Sivankutty and coupling with SAF detection is in progress.