Proceedings, Miscellaneous

Conference Proceedings

  1. Spintronic Devices as Key Elements for Energy-Efficient Neuroinspired Architectures
    N. Locatelli, A. F. Vincent, A. Mizrahi, J. S. Friedman, D. Vodenicarevic, J.-V. Kim, J.-O. Klein, W. Zhao, J. Grollier, and D. Querlioz
    Proceedings Of The Design, Automation, and Test in Europe Conference (DATE), 2015
  2. Spin torque nanodevices for bio-inspired computing
    N. Locatelli, A. Mizrahi, A. Accioly, D. Querlioz, J.-V. Kim, V. Cros, and J. Grollier
    Proceedings Of The 14th International Workshop On Cellular Nanoscale Networks and their Applications (CNNA), 2014
  3. Voltage control of magnetism in ferromagnetic structures
    L. Herrera Diez, W. Lin, A. Bernand-Mantel, L. Ranno, D. Givord, L. Vila, P. Warin, A. Marty, N. Lei, T. Devolder, J.-V. Kim, N. Vernier, P. Lecoeur, and D. Ravelosona
    Proceedings of the SPIE 8461, 84610Y (2012)
  4. Measurement of nanosecond-scale spin-transfer torque magnetization switching
    K. Ito, K. Miura, J. Hayakawa, H. Takahashi, T. Devolder, P. Crozat, J.-V. Kim, C. Chappert, S. Ikeda, and H. Ohno
    Proceedings Of The 9th International Symposium On Foundations Of Quantum Mechanics In The Light Of New Technology, pp. 131-133 (2009)
  5. Experimental study of current-driven vortex oscillations in magnetic nanocontacts
    T. Devolder, J.-V. Kim, M. Manfrini, G. Hrkac, P. Crozat, L. Lagae, T. Schrefl, and C. Chappert
    Proceedings of the SPIE 7398, 739808 (2009)


  1. Solid-state physics: Siphoning spins (News and Views)
    J.-V. Kim
    Nature 511, 418 (2014)
  2. De Solitons à l’horizon
    J.-V. Kim, T. Devolder, D. Ravelosona, J.-O. Klein, W. Zhao, N. Vernier, and C. Chappert
    Special Research Issue of the University Paris-Sud journal, Plein Sud (2011) [PDF]
  3. Metal Spintronics: Electronics free of charge (News and Views)
    C. Chappert and J.-V. Kim
    Nature Physics 4, 837 (2008)