2018 European School on Magnetism

I gave three 1.5-hour lectures at the 2018 European School of Magnetism held in Krakow, Poland. The lectures covered various aspects of magnetisation processes, including quasi-static processes, precessional dynamics, and spin-transfer torques.

A course outline and lecture notes can be found on the ESM 2018 website, Magnetism.eu, and on this page.

Masters 2 Nanosciences Saclay

I taught part of the Nanomagnetism and Spintronics course in the Masters 2 Nanosciences Saclay programme. The aim of the course is to give an overview of the fundamental principles of magnetism and spin-dependent electron transport on the nanoscale, whilst highlighting recent developments in current research.

Previous courses

  • 2010: Introduction to Computational Magnetism, ITN SemiSpinNet Winter School, Orsay
  • 2006: Physics of Magnetoelectronics – Nanomagnetism and Spin Transport, 12th Vietnam School of Physics, Hanoi